Jill Moore

Jill Moore has been actively participating in performance competitions (agility/obedience/rally) for the past 20 years and conformation for the past 8. She and her husband Glenn co-own Jingle Boston Terriers - a breeding kennel striving to produce Boston terriers with healthy minds and bodies (and pretty to boot!). Jill feels that the main objective of any class - whether performance or conformation - is to have fun with your dogs. Classes will focus on making the learning process enjoyable and entertaining for both handler and dogs.

Laurie A. Witucki, Ph.D.

Laurie has previously competing in Rally, Obedience, and AKC and CPE agility prior to discovering the exciting new sport of canine nosework (scentwork). Laurie has been training and competing in various dog sports since 2003.
When not teaching, training or competing with her dogs (Gracie, golden retriever) and Rua (All American), Laurie teaches Organic Chemistry at Grand Valley State University (since 2000), where she has a current research project involving the investigation of the chemical composition of essential oils used in nosework.
Nosework/Scentwork Bio:
Began training RuaRed (Rue) in 2014 and entered her for competition in UKC Nosework in 2015.

First UKC Nosework Entry: K9 Fanciers: Containers: 1-31-2015
List of UKC Nosework titles and dates:
Novice Nosework Title: May 16, 2015
Advanced Nosework Title: October 18, 2015
Superior Nosework Title: May 22, 2016
Master Nosework Title: Earned on August 28, 2016
(EN) Elite Nosework Title: Earned on December 11, 2016
Rue is the UKC’s 15 th dog in the nation to earn this Elite Nosework title. She is the first AMBR (All American); Rescue dog to earn this title. Rue has earned numerous first placements and High in Trial awards in UKC.
NACSW: Rue earned her NW-1 (Nosework-1) title with the National Association of Canine Scent Work on March 25 th , 2017. On that date she and Rue were also awarded the Harry Award- which is “awarded to the most outstanding rescue dog that demonstrates extraordinary ability and spirit in K9 Nose Work”.
AKC: Rue has been competing in AKC Scent Work since its inception last year. To date she has earned several titles in AKC including her Container Excellent title and her Advanced Handler Discrimination titles. She is now competing at the highest level (AKC Master) and has a qualifying leg in the Scent Detective class!l

Renee Kwiatkowski

Renee has operated The Dog Shoppe for the past 31 years and owned it for the last 26 of those 31 years. She has been active in the world of dogs competitively for 15 years. She has trained and shown Standard Schnauzers in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Herding, Barn Hunt and Agility. All have been owner trained and handled. She has put on numerous High in Trials on her boys at National Specialties and at All Breed trials. She has been invited to the AKC Internationals 5 times. Renee and her teammates have earned 5 MACH's (AKC Agility Championships)  

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