Conformation Class wanna show your dog but are having a hard time figuring out which is the "smart end" of the leash?

Handling tips and classes offered...unlike ANY you have ever experienced (and we're hoping that's a good thing)!


Your instructor, Jill Moore, will take you through the A to Zs of showing in the world of conformation. (First lesson to learn: conFORmation, not conFIRmation). We will go over the basics - how to find shows, how to fill out entry forms, HOW TO DRESS (let me repeat that...HOW TO DRESS), and how to behave ringside. Yes, we will also cover down and backs, free stacking, hard stacking, ramps, tables, EVALUATING YOUR OWN DOG, and KNOWING YOUR BREED STANDARD. But unlike several conformation classes, this one will involve active participation by ALL participants for the entire hour. No more standing and chit chatting while waiting your turn. Come prepared to learn and work!


Each week we will also feature a break out topic...with sometimes...gasp....a guest speaker. We will have monthly prize drawings (Whitman's is graciously sponsoring these classes). Most of all we will be putting the FUN back in CONFORMATION (which doesn't have the word "fun" in it at all, but y'all get the drift).


A disclaimer about the instructor: Jill Moore started in performance 25 years ago. 8 years ago she was bitten (quite literally when walking away from a ring) by the conformation bug and became addicted. Since then she has titled over a dozen Boston Terriers to championship, grand championship, and top ten Owner Handled status in both AKC and UKC venues. She has successfully shown at some of the most renowned dog shows including Westminster and Eukanuba (now Royal Canin). 


Now...a personal disclaimer (from Jill Moore): my focus is to have fun. This class will "learn ya" a lot....often times with a warped sense of humor thrown in. If that upsets you....or you are offended by poop jokes (I personally find them hilarious), you should probably look elsewhere. Also, my pet peeve is standing around so please come prepared to work and, again, HAVE FUN. These classes will be focusing on showing at AKC shows (because UKC shows are...sigh...UKC). I encourage and invite junior handlers. However, these classes will NOT cover junior handling rules, etiquette, etc....because I don't know 'em...and I have so much stuff crammed in my brain that I think if I learned them something vital would have to go (like where I put my cell phone). 

Starting September 16, 2019

Every Monday Night

Time: 7:10 p.m.

Class is Limited to 10

Pre-Registration is required 


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