About Stefanie

My name is Stefanie Theis and I have had a love of dogs from a very young age. I learned a lot about training when we got our first family dog and while it didn’t end up working out, it taught me a ton!

Fast forward to now I’ve been involved in dog training more formally for about 6 years. It all started with learning agility and teaching agility but have since branched out. My current passion is Trick Training and foundation training for young dogs.

My current pack consists of:

  • Stanley, 8 year old Terrier Mix

  • Maeby, 5 year old MinPin x Jack Mix

  • Bernie, 2 year old Terrier Mix

  • Rikki Tikki Tavi, 1 year old Border x Border

Introduction to CPE Canine Scent Sport Workshop and Sniff-N-Go

A Scentwork Workshop on:

The New AKC Buried & Water Hides Element

Presented by: Laurie Witucki

Followed by a Sniff-n-Go Practice

Thursday July 25th

AKC Buried/Water Hides Workshop: 6:00 pm

Sniff-n-Go: 7:30 pm

Workshop Details:

In October of this year the AKC will substantially modify the current scentwork buried element - they are overhauling the current buried requirements in every level.

In addition, an exciting new search type: “water hides” will also be introduced in October.

AKC has dictated new standardized equipment for all searches in the buried element.

This workshop will completely cover the rule changes (for each level of competition), will provide you the opportunity to search the actual AKC required equipment, will introduce water hides and how to train them, and allow working dogs to try water hides. Handouts of the rules (easy to read tables and explanations) will be provided.

  • Open to all scentwork enthusiasts at any level. 

  • Working dogs for the AKC Buried hides workshop should already know the birch odor.

  •  Day of show runs may be accepted if limits for the sniff-n-go are not met (20 runs max).

  • Limited indoor crating will be available, please plan on working your dog out of your car for the Sniff-n-go.

  • For the Workshop, working dog spots will have crating inside the Dog Spot.

  • Reactive dogs will be welcome at this event.

  • Please plan to work your reactive dog from your car, have your reactive dog wear a red bandanna, and let me know ahead of time, thank you. 


 AKC Buried/Water Hides workshop:

  • Working spot: $25.00 (limited to 8 dogs)

  • Auditing spot: $20.00 (auditing means you do not bring your dog but attend the workshop, watch other dogs work, get all handouts, can ask questions etc.)

Sniff-n-Go: $15.00 per dog- your run will be blind, will be judged, and advice/         observations /feedback on your search provided following your run. (limited to 20    dogs) 

Pre-registration and payment is required for the workshop.  

Presenter Information: Laurie Witucki and her two dogs Rue and Gracie compete in AKC, UKC and NACSW Nosework/ Scentwork. In AKC, Laurie’s All American Dog Rue is one of the top ten in the country to complete the All Around Master Scentwork level title, as well as earning her buried master title. Rue has also earned 6 Scent Detective qualifying legs to date. Laurie teaches chemistry for a living at GVSU and enjoys presenting nosework workshops and classes focusing on the science of the sport, positive training methods, and letting our dogs have fun sniffing.

Fitness Fun Seminar

Presented by: 

Lisa Blanchard BA, LVT, CMT, CCRP, CCFT

Saturday July 20th 2019

Private Evaluations

  • Private Fitness evaluations will help identify any potential structural weaknesses your dog may have.

  • In addition, we will test your dog’s muscle strength, balance, and flexibility to establish the most important areas of exercise to focus for your dog. 

  • Limited time slots

$75.00 per dog

Sunday July 21st 2019

Hands-on Seminar 

The seminar will follow a hands-on format in order to facilitate a learning environment.  

We will discuss:

  • Warm up/cool down - What to do and how to make a plan.

  • Twelve Key Foundation Exercises & how to do them properly

  • How to advance the Foundation Exercises to increase their level of difficulty 

  • Adding balance challenges, height, etc.

Limited working spots available

No Auditing spots available 

Private Evaluations $75.00 

Hands-on Seminar $125.00

Evaluation and Seminar Package $175.00 


About Lisa:

Lisa Blanchard BA, LVT, CMT, CCRP, CCFT

I received my undergraduate degree from Wayne State University (BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance). For 18 years I was employed by the automotive industry in various roles. In 2004 I received my canine massage certification from Integrated Touch Therapy, Inc. My interest in massage therapy sparked my continued thirst for knowledge, which led to a career change as a licensed veterinary technician. I completed the veterinary technician program at Macomb Community College in 2008 passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam, then I attended the University of Tennessee’s Certificate Program in Canine Physical Rehabilitation. I completed my rehab certification in 2010. Upon graduation from veterinary technician school, I began working in the field of canine rehabilitation. I was able to help thousands of animals improve their lives through the use of manual therapies and state of the art rehabilitation techniques. I especially enjoy working dogs that have neurological problems, senior pets, puppies, and athletes. In a quest to further expand my knowledge base, in 2016 I completed the University of Tennessee’s Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) program. From 2016-2017 I managed the CCFT program as its Program Coordinator. During this time, I worked as the team leader to help strengthen the course curriculum and make the administration of the program flow more smoothly. My partner and I own and operate Dynamic Canine Training, LLC which provides innovative training and fitness solutions designed to educate students in the importance of creating and maintaining their dog’s overall well-being. I strongly believe that improving communication strengthens relationships. In my spare time, I enjoy training and showing my own dogs. I have been competing since 1990 and have titled my dogs in multiple venues including: conformation, obedience, rally, agility, lure coursing, and nose work. I currently have 3 Doberman Pinschers: Rylan (11), Dante (7), and Ryker (6 months as of February 2019).  I have been married to high school sweetheart, Tom since 1990.  He is kind, patient, and tolerant of my dog obsession!

Pet Photo Mini Sessions with Red Rover Photography 

 By Appointment Only:


  • Friday October 11th, 12:00 pm till 8:00 pm EXTENDED HOURS ON FRIDAY

  • Saturday October 12th,  FULL WAIT LIST ONLY​

  • $75.00 each session 

  • 1/2 hour sessions 

  • 7 color digital images 

  • 7 black & white versions of those same images

  • Additional images available for $10.00 each

  • Done with a Classic white background

  • Props will be provided

  • Please feel free to bring that special toys/props/holiday related or not

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